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Bouncing Back

Bouncing back from an event that throws you off your course is a skill that can be used in many aspects of your life. In my profession I see lots of people start habits towards living a healthy life but an event happens which can be as simple as the holiday season and they fall off track for months before they are able to get back to their plan. More serious events such as divorce, death of a loved one, wedding, caring for a loved one, etc. can all take a toll on your health as well. The faster you can bounce back the higher quality of life you will have. Getting back on track does not mean being on a diet or embarking on a difficult exercise regiment. It means find a balance to allow you to enjoy love in a healthy way. Every person is different which is why the approach should be unique as well.

If you have been stalling about improving your overall health , take action now. Don’t wait until after the holidays, or the next big event, take charge NOW. Most of the my clients agree that is much easier than they thought. Think of your body like a car. The better you take care of it, the better performance you will get. A few key factors play a big role :

  • Nutrition – food is like the gas in the car. Nutrient rich foods are key. That does not mean you can’t enjoy foods that are considered “bad” for you as long you have a good balance.
  • Movement – A car does not do well sitting in the garage, it is meant to be driven. Your body is the same, it needs movement to keep running without spitting and sputtering or aches and pains in the case of the human body.
  • Sleep – A car needs time to cool off after being driven and the human body needs recovery. Recovery is often overlooked , but that is when the magic happens.
  • Socialization – Human beings are more than a hunk of metal. We have emotions, wants, and needs, and  are fed by human interaction. There is a reason isolation  or ” the hole” is the most extreme punishment for prisoners. People thrive when they have fulfilling relationships in their life.
  • Stress Management – Stress if often compared to smoking these days in the damage it can do. The human body was created to go into overdrive when needed , but it was not meant to be in a constant state of overdrive. Back to the car analogy again, being in Overdrive too long will burn out the engine. There are lots of ways your body is telling you it is running HOT from high blood pressure, sleep issues, weight gain just to name a few. Learning how to manage the stress of today’s crazy life can seem like a full time job, but with a few simple changes it can be a thing of the past.

If you are ready to be the best version of yourself, let’s Bounce Back together. Contact me at or directly at 316-650-9437 to get started.

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Rome was not built in a day

Rome was not built in a day……..


When starting any new health program ,the challenges typically start with what you ARE willing to do versus the things you are NOT willing to do . Both of these concepts both start with discipline, funny how that works. Many of my clients beat themselves up for the habits they may not be willing to change. This may include eating certain foods, amount of time allocated to sleep, etc. Instead of looking at the short falls I would rather focus on the positive changes that are being made such as reducing the amount of processed foods, the increase in water consumption, and the mental shift to focusing on the aspects that affect your health. Little changes happen every day which equal big changes over time.  I have a client that constantly reminds me that Rome was not built in a day. As a health coach and personal trainer, I help clients to see the positive changes they are making and if they are struggling then we troubleshoot these challenges together. Some people can easily get in their workouts because they enjoy the feeling they get after each session, but struggle to make those other lifestyle changes that will give them better results in the gym. Others can change their nutrition, but have a difficult time adding exercise to their schedule. Everybody has their own challenges but learning how to fit all the pieces together to reach your goals CAN be an enjoyable and valuable learning experience with the right coach. There is no reason to fight the battle alone. Contact me today at or call/text me directly at 316-650-9437 to set up your FREE health assessment today. You don’t want to go through another holiday season dodging family pictures, being confused on what to eat, and not understanding what is going on in your body. Make the next 12 weeks the time you changed your outlook on your health once and for all.


Sincerely, Your coach Jody Vinson