About Jody

About Jody

Life is all about having fun. Everyone has a long list of responsibilities, but what gets us out of bed every morning are the moments of JOY. Finding ways to add more happiness to our daily lives is key to living a fulfilling life. Being healthy is at the top of most people’s list and if it is not it should be. Without good health it is very difficult to have a quality of life that is satisfying. Most of today’s chronic diseases start with inflammation which is often caused by our food and lifestyle choices. We were able to get away with poorly balanced meals in our 20’s and sometimes even into our 30’s, but our body can only take so much before it starts to shut down. Unfortunately we are seeing chronic and autoimmune diseases in younger people mostly due to poor nutrition and environmental factors. We are all born with our own unique challenges. Some people have genetics that predispose them to diabetes, but that does not mean they are destined to be diabetic. It means their body is not efficient at stabilizing blood sugar for one reason or another. You can’t stop the aging process, but there are certain steps you can take to reduce your risk. Gaining weight each year without any major changes in lifestyle is the first sign for most people that their body is changing. I often hear “I am gaining weight, but I have not changed anything in my life so I must have a medical condition”. The reason more often is that the typical changes with aging have begun and you have not adjusted your life to combat those changes.

Changing your habits and living a healthy life are the first suggestions given to everyone by their doctor to avoid going on medication. Most people know they should exercise more and sit less, eat more vegetables and less junk, and drink more water and less soda. The problem is not lack of knowledge, but lack of implementation. I know WHAT to do, but HOW to do it is the question?

My goal as a nutrition health coach and personal trainer is to train give you the tools for you to be successful on your own. My business will not grow by keeping the same clients, but training clients to spread the word to other people in need.

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