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Jody Vinson

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, & Business Professional

Welcome to Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness.

Welcome to Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness. My goal is to help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Every generation has it’s challenges. In 2022 we have all the conveniences at our fingertips which can be helpful but also harmful. Technology makes life easier in some ways but also much more demanding in others. One thing that remains the same is that with more knowledge we are able to make better decisions. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we can learn by asking more questions. Constantly being curious will broaden your knowledge base and improve your life.

Living your best life is a combination of several factors - nutrition, stress/hormone management, sleep, movement, and JOY. Every person needs their own recipe to create their finished product. The ingredients in general are the same but the portions, variety, and timing are all different.

If you want to learn how to LIVE BETTER by eating better , moving better, sleeping better, and having better relationship with yourself and others I would love to work together. I create structure for you to succeed and help you every step of the way to understand what factors have the most impact. Most people don’t understand how to create a healthy relationship with food due to our food baggage from many years of diet advice, media expectations, and pressure we put on ourselves. Let me guide you on your journey to a healthy and fulfilling life.

If you are ready to up your game of life, call me at (316) 650-9437, email  and I will be in touch within 24 hours.​

Refund Policy : We allow for programs to be placed on hold up until 1 year from purchase date and must be used by 18 months from purchase date. We do not offer refunds which is why a FREE hour long is health history is performed to make sure our program and coaches are a good fit.

Habit versus Hunger

Fasting has been shown to decrease insulin resistance therefore allowing your body to be more efficient at metabolizing your food. One of the biggest culprits is snacking after dinner. Are you really hungry ? If you had a high carb meal with very little protein and fat then the answer may actually be yes. Most of the time the answer is NO. Do you want to put something in your pie hole because your mouth is bored ? YES. You may be used to popping a bag of popcorn or filling a bowl with chips, pretzels, or your favorite snack to sit down and mindlessly watch tv after a long day of work. If you have been doing this evening routine for years then you have created a bad habit. The good news is that you can create a good habit the same way you created a bad habit, consistency. You will be surprised how quickly you can make this change once you put your mind to it. Will you be hungry a few nights during this change ? YES. ...
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Let's chat about the topic of Menopause bluntly for a minute. This is a stage in a women's life that is often feared due to all of the UNKNOWNS. You would think we would have more tools by the year 2022 on how to handle this huge transition in a woman's life. This stage basically means that we can no longer have children due to the end of our menstrual cycle. That change is the same for every woman but then it starts to get confusing. Every woman is different depending on how they transition with the amount of hormones (testosterone, estrogen (several types), progesterone) produced and how the difference in volume affects other areas of your body . Most women notice the biggest challenges with : Sleep Digestion Mood Swings Hot Flashes Weight Gain Body Aches Vaginal Dryness The list above can be scary but it does not have to be as dramatic as you imagine. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to dial in your lifestyle habits as early as your 30's . ...
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Risk vs Reward

I discuss the risk versus reward concept with my clients often. Trying to find that balance in your physical and emotional life is similar to your financial balance in your portfolio As I sit looking at my most recent statement the  stock market  is down. Lately it  has been down way more than it has been up so many people are evaluating their stock market options. The same concept applies to managing your approach to your health. What is the difference ? We tend to treat food with way more emotion than we do business transactions such as real estate and the stock market. Food can be a way to show others how much we care, but lately I am seeing more people use it in a negative way to forget about the other challenges in their life. Food is energy at the end of the day and how we frame our relationship with food is very personal. I am not a believer of calories in calories out at all stages in life. I am a woman in her early ...
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Seeing the road ahead

  If you could clearly see your path ahead would you make changes ? Changing habits consistently is the most difficult task for people to grasp. For the majority of people it is because they don't get immediate feedback. We live in a time that we are used to getting instant results one way or another. You push a button on the remote control and something happens. The channel changes, the volume goes up or down, etc. The same applies to the phone, computer, car, etc. When you can not SEE anything change it is much more difficult to stay committed. This is one of the main reasons I highly recommend taking pictures on a regular basis. We often rely on the scale way too much as a measure of progress. Taking the approach to LEARN  rather than just FOLLOWING a plan can make a big difference in being successful. Life can be stressful enough, but making changes to improve your overall health and quality of life shouldn't be. I love helping my clients get the most out of the ...
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Bouncing Back

Bouncing back from an event that throws you off your course is a skill that can be used in many aspects of your life. In my profession I see lots of people start habits towards living a healthy life but an event happens which can be as simple as the holiday season and they fall off track for months before they are able to get back to their plan. More serious events such as divorce, death of a loved one, wedding, caring for a loved one, etc. can all take a toll on your health as well. The faster you can bounce back the higher quality of life you will have. Getting back on track does not mean being on a diet or embarking on a difficult exercise regiment. It means find a balance to allow you to enjoy love in a healthy way. Every person is different which is why the approach should be unique as well. If you have been stalling about improving your overall health , take action now. Don't wait until after the holidays, or the ...
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Healthy is the goal of life

I joined a women's hiking trip this past week and  was reminded of several things. The most important was that fact that we have one life and it is much shorter than we all think. It is up to ME,  not my husband, parents, kids, or friends to help me make the most of my life. Surrounding myself with the people that make your life better is key. If we surround ourselves with negative people that tell us what we can't do then that is what we believe. If we surround ourselves with  people that cheer us on one step at a time no matter how long it takes to reach the top of the mountain now those people are our true friends. Every person is a work in progress for the rest of our lives. This not a bad thing, it is just life. We are constantly changing, and growing, AND learning. Life is full of twists and turns so it is up to us to navigate the road and make the best choices we can. My close hiking ...
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