If It Is Important To You, You Will Find A Way. If Not, You’ll Find An Excuse.


Jody Vinson

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, & Business Professional

Welcome to Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness.

Upcoming Event - Women Empowerment Series

Topic: The deeper reason for good health

(Menopause changes other than losing your menstrual cycle, navigating the twists and turns of life with nutrition tips, finding the fighting female spirit over age 40)

Chicken N PIckle, 1240 N Greenwich Wichita KS on Sunday November 3rd, 2019  from 10:30-11:30 

Tickets are $13 available at the door which includes a scrumptious brunch.  The goal is to provide valuable information and tools to help women take charge of their life and inspire others around them.  If you have any questions concerning the content of this event feel free to contact Jody Vinson at 316-650-9437. 

Welcome to Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness. My goal is to help you feel and look your best.  Change can be tough, but definitely not impossible. Many of my clients say improving their health was much easier than they imagined it would be once they got started. My job is to make the lifestyle changes as painless as possible while still achieving great results. Recently I am noticing a trend with my clients that they have started their journey of adding exercise and trying to eat healthier, but nothing is happening which is why they reached out to me. The majority of the problems are falling into a few categories:

  1. Insulin resistance/Pre diabetes
  2. Nutritional deficiencies
  3. Hormonal imbalances and changes (MENopause )
  4. Consuming low calories with the incorrect balance of macronutrients
  5. Gut issues

Gut issues are a very common problem lately and can be  difficult to navigate on your own. They also tend to be the underlying cause to a variety of other problems. When you are not able to absorb the nutrients from your foods, problems start to happen. Deficiencies can cause problems such as muscle pain, fatigue, and weight gain. Vitamins and supplements may be needed to get your body to do it's job efficiently. As we age our body goes through changes that may require supplementation.  For the past few years I have used Arbonne as a compliment to my healthy coaching and personal training business. It helps with my mission to improve the overall health and quality of my clients and my own family. Every year I continually to be impressed with the line of Vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free products to support a healthy life from pre and probiotics with digestive enzymes to make up and skincare.  Check out the line up at https://www.arbonne.com/Pws/JodyVinson/store/AMUS/default.aspx . Contact me for your free health consult to determine the best place to start to improve your health. 

 Back to Basics is not your typical personal trainer and health coaching business ? After a decade in the fitness industry teaching a wide range of classes from boot camps to water aerobics and Pilates I decided to focus more on 1-to-1 training. This change allowed me to dig deeper into the needs of each client and see larger improvements in strength, mobility, balance, and endurance . Creating unique workouts specific to the client from a mix of strength training, Pilates, yoga, cardio, and balance exercises is my strength. Your goal may be increasing strength so you can get out of a chair easier and feel comfortable getting up from the floor when (not if) you fall. Losing weight and reducing inches is often a goal of many clients with the added bonus of increased strength ( confidence), energy level, and reduced pain in joints. I am an avid tennis player so I love working with fellow adult athletes to improve their performance both on and off the court. Adult athletes can benefit greatly with cross training to avoid injury, improve agility on the court or field, and recover more efficiently to reduct muscle break down. 

If you are ready to up your game of life, call me at (316) 650-9437, email backtobasicsjody@gmail.com or complete the  form on the contact page and I will be in touch within 24 hours.​

What are you willing to do ?

When I speak to potential clients the most common problem is the willingness to make certain changes. These changes vary from not willing to cook or eat vegetables to tracking the food that goes in their mouth. Everyone has their own challenges which is why their personalized plan is unique to their lifestyle. At Back to Basics we work with the client on where they are in their life. If movement is a problem then we will create a plan to incorporate daily goals for movement which may be as simple as climbing the stairs in their home 5 times times a day to walking around the grocery store before the grocery shopping begins. As a personal trainer and health coach I have the ability to create fitness programs as well as lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep, stress management, and even relationships. It is okay to have things you are not willing to do as long as the list of the things you ARE willing to do is longer. You may not be willing to cook, but you are willing ...
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Are you leaving money on the table ?

  Are you leaving 100's of dollars on the table every year ??? A large amount of companies offer wellness incentives and HSA accounts to their employees . Most plans are called an HSA,  health savings account, which is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available . The funds contributed to an account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit. Every company has their own requirements and often work with a third party such as Red Brick Health.  Every program is different but normally contains similar qualities. The first is the ability to earn money from your employee by completing an annual exam. If you turn in your physical form by the required day you earn rewards such as $200 a year. The form may consist of waist circumference, BMI, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TC/HDL ratio, glucose, and triglycerides, By proving your blood results are in the healthy range you can earn additional funds per quarterly ($300 a year). If you do not have healthy numbers you have the opportunity to earn funds by ...
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Life is full of little adjustments.

  This week I reached out to a client because I did not receive his details for the week. He told me that his work partner was out of the office and nothing he normally did could happen so he just threw in the towel and was starting over the next week. As I was paddle boarding on the last day of our vacation, it was windy and there were lots of boats in the area. I was having to constantly change the side I was paddling on to adjust for the wind. I had to move from my feet to my knees on several occasions to keep from falling away due to the boat wake. All of these little adjustments reminded me that this is life. There are lots of moving parts that need constant adjustments to either keep us on track or get us back on track. If you have ever been in a canoe, kayak, or sail boat you will understand the constant changes that are made to adjust. When you drive a car, small adjustments of ...
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When did food become confusing ?

In the past few weeks I have had multiple conversations with both men and women on the topic of food relationships. When did eating for a healthy body become so confusing ? If you were born in the 60's and 70's then you have spent a lifetime being brainwashed with the media on what is considered healthy. One day eggs are healthy, then they were not. Butter was good, then it was bad. Fats were thought to make people fat, then came along the non fat trend and Americans became even more unhealthy. Convenience became the big push when both parents went into the work force. if you were born in the 80's and 90's you grew up when the snack food and frozen food sections grew just as fast as the number of fast food restaurants. If you were born in the 2000's then you grew up with all the conveniences you could ever imagine and had to learn self control from the very beginning. The reason food is so confusing is due to a few reasons : The ...
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Midlife Crisis – It’s never late to improve your health

    Midlife crisis by definition is an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age. Most people agree this is the age between 40-55 years of age. Women often struggle to understand what their role is if they have been the primary caregiver and now they are empty nesters. Men often reevaluate their career and relationships at this time. The one thing that both sexes typically agree on is that this is a time when their health becomes more important. Your body is going through some normal changes that may be causing problems. Menopause can be the trigger for women where men go through changes typically associated with less muscle mass and more body fat. The habits you had in the past are finally catching up and your body has had enough. Health becomes a priority but where do you start? Many people find themselves 20, 50, 100 + pounds overweight which can be overwhelming. Some people can clearly remember their younger selves as the high school or college athlete with a strong and ...
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Losing weight is not the problem, maintaining it is

If you ask an adult that wants to lose weight if they have been successful at losing weight in the past the answer will be an astounding YES. Most adults are able to stick to a "diet" to lose weight for a set number of weeks or to reach a goal such as a wedding or a big birthday celebration. The difficult part is not losing the weight but knowing how to live a full life and maintain the weight loss. As we get older the methods of exercising more and eating smaller portions no longer works. The biggest differences as we age are the changes that occur naturally as part of the aging process. Understanding the factors that affect weight loss and knowing how to adjust them to allow for a good quality of life can be challenging. Hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, Vitamin D, and insulin are large factors in the recipe for weight loss. As a personal trainer there are many benefits to physical fitness, but large amounts of weight loss for most people is not ...
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