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Jody Vinson

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, & Business Professional

Welcome to Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness.

My goal is to help you feel and look your best. Navigating the abundance of information on how to eat and exercise to reach your personal goals can be exhausting and very frustrating. Try a different approach this time and work with a certified health coach and personal trainer. Understanding how your needs are different from others means your approach should be different as well.

What is health coaching? As a health coach I help my clients navigate the challenges of life from nutritional guidance, stress management, sleep techniques, and lifestyle changes. Many of the problems American's face with their health are created by lifelong habits that our bodies used to tolerate. Over time these habits have created problems such as knee pain due to walking and sitting incorrectly. Skipping meals used to be fine until you find yourself getting dizzy and even falling due to blood sugar. Sleep deprivation was manageable, but now extreme fatigue and difficulty concentrating is affecting your daily life. I help you make these changes AND develop a plan that fits into your life. The next phase is holding each client personally responsible. Making changes is one phase, learning how to implement these changes into your everyday life is where most people struggle.

How is Back to Basics different than other personal trainers? After a decade in the fitness industry teaching a wide range of classes from boot camps to water Pilates I decided to focus on more 1-on-1 training. This change allowed me to dig deeper into the needs of each client and see larger improvements in strength, mobility, balance, and endurance with each client. Creating unique workouts specific to the client from a mix of strength training, Pilates, yoga, cardio, and balance exercises is my strength. Your goal may be increasing strength so you can get out of a chair easier and feel comfortable getting up from the floor when (not if) you fall. Losing weight and reducing inches is often a goal of many clients with the added bonus of increased strength ( confidence), energy level, and reduced pain in joints.

Start your new approach TODAY. Feel free to call me at (316) 650-9437, email backtobasicsjody@gmail.com or complete the  form on the contact page and I will be in touch within 24 hours.​

Get Healthy Teacher Group (Ladies Only)

Teacher Get Healthy Group(Ladies ONLY) June 15-September 15, 2018 - $200 12 weeks of Facebook Coaching + 2 Personal Health Coaching Sessions ($100 Value) by Jody Vinson, Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach email backtobasicsjody@gmail.com or call 316-650-9437 to sign up today Week 1 - Mental adjustment & Consistency Week 2  - Nutritional deficiencies & Sleep Week 3 - Hormones, PCOS, & Menopause Week 4 - Macronutrients & Planning Week 5 - Exercise Smarter not Harder Week 6 - Goals Week 7 - Fall in love with food & food sensitivities Week 8 - Life balance, rest & recovery Week 9 - Food prep Week 10 - Emotional eating & stress Week 11 - Thriving rather than surviving Week 12 - Progress not Perfection   If you are a teacher or school employee and are looking to learn more abut the factors that affect you feeling and looking your best this group is for you. Most women are always looking for that perfect balance to give them the results they want in body composition. The recipe is different ...
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What does love got to do with it? If your first thought is the song by Tina Turner then you have an idea of my age. She also may very well have the sexiest legs of any woman, but on to the point of this article. Love is a powerful feeling that most of us have felt at some point in our life. It may have been with a significant other, your child, a parent, or even a pet. Love can also be for things such as food, the smell of a flower, the sound of the ocean, or the feel of a piece of clothing. Love for something can add significantly to the quality of one's life. What if you did not have love in your life? How would it feel If you never felt the love from another person? What is you never knew the great feeling of loving a certain activity. What is you don't love yourself? We tend to focus all of our energy outward instead of starting with ourselves. Until we are able to love ...
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