Client challenge - lose weight, eat better and maintain good physical health

67 year old female (KB)

Working with Jody for the past 45 weeks has been very enjoyable. Not only was I able to lose weight, but Jody taught me how to maintain my weight with a healthy eating style. The most surprising parts was finding out how to eat for seasonal allergies and migraines. I was also surprised at the large amount of food I should be eating to maintain my body with my active lifestyle. Along with the weight loss of 24 lbs I also lost 5 inches in the waist. I am no longer on blood pressure medication. I have very little allergy problems and have been migraine free for over 6 months. 

Client challenge- lose weight

64 year old female (SR)

Working with Jody has been both educational and inspirational. Jody helped me to understand why my previous efforts to lose weight had been ineffective and why eating more food actually helped me lose weight, rather than my idea of eating less. I had been reducing the quantity of food I was consuming in my efforts to lose weight and didn't think I could possibly eat as much as Jody recommended, but now that I'm consuming more and weighing less I am a firm believer . I love to cook and thought that I always prepared healthy meals but discovered that I was consuming a lot more fat and carbs than I realized so with Jody's 3 meal a day tracking method I now plan my meals for the day. I realized that I was not getting enough exercise so now I've added a walk on the days that I don't play tennis or pickle ball.  It doesn't take much time and my tennis and pickle ball are better for it. Losing 10 pounds was huge for me and you can actually feel it in how you move on the court and of course how much better your clothes fit and look. Jody taught me information that was important for me as I age and want to stay fit and healthy. I plan to stick with this program of tracking my meals for a long time. 

Client challenge - lose weight, play sports again and find a happy balanced life

65 year old female (SD)

 As a health coach Jody handles you very professionally with a personal touch. She listens to you and digs deep.  Jody seriously wants you to succeed and works very hard to help you get there. When you do get there, she makes sure the band comes out and plays. She practices what she preaches and one day I hope to learn more from her as a personal trainer as well. The biggest surprise during my 24 weeks of working with Jody was the impact this experience had on me mentally. I am down 4 inches in my waist and a little over 20 lbs lost. 

Client challenge - Lose weight, improve heart health (46 year old female)

Jody is very knowledgeable about diet and exercise. She is willing to do research when needed and was able to create a program personalized to my needs. She helped me to understand what foods are best for my body and what were the causes of my constipation. I get compliments all the time about my clear and glowing skin. I lost 8 inches, 7 pounds, and 2.9% body fat. I have more energy, the tightness in my IT band is gone, and the biggest change is feeling that I am in control. I am no longer a victim to cravings or emotional eating. The balance I have found with work, family, and ME time has added to my quality of life.

Client challenge - stiff and sore in muscles with difficult recovery from exercise, on Statin , and PPI daily

60 year old male(SB)

 Jody provided me with customized nutritional coaching, support, and accountability. I was surprised at the speed that I started seeing results. This program was well worth the cost and life changing for the better for both me and my wife. Athletic performance got noticeable better which is very important to me. Medications for cholesterol were cut in half. 

Client challenge : Reduce hip pain, improve 1/2 marathon time, improve energy

(57 year old female - Marathon runner)

I started training with Jody to avoid future injuries while continuing my passion for running. She addressed areas of weakness and tightness in my lower body as well as problems with my running form. During our training time together, we also made changes to my diet and corrected deficiencies that were contributing to my fatigue. I had been taking pain medication and sleep aids, but after 6 weeks I was able to stop taking the daily pain meds and no longer needed the sleep aids . I cut 2 minutes off my PR 1/2 marathon time, felt great and NO INJURIES.

Client challenge : Reoccurring yeast infections for 3 years (24 year old female)

Jody asked personal questions to get to the bottom of my problems. She helped me to understand the factors that were affecting my health. Within 3 months I no longer suffer from yeast infections which ended up being caused by Candida. I am going on my first Women's church retreat. I love food and enjoy making dishes that fuel my body and allow me to feel my best. Understanding the signs my body is giving me is a valuable tool I will use for the rest of my life.

Client challenge - Lose weight & stop taking anxiety meds (35 year old female)

Jody was awesome. She is also a personal trainer so we started training together and made exercising fun. She helped me train and complete my first 5k. I no longer take any anxiety medications and feel fabulous. I learned so much about nutrition and how everything in my life, especially relationships, have an impact on my health. With my new knowledge I even helped a coworker change her habits, lose weight, and get off of her IBS meds.

Client Challenge - Diagnosed with diabetes (53 year old female)

Jody helped me learn how to stabilize my blood sugar without medication. I started a fitness program and learned how to choose foods that are best for me. She taught me how to celebrate the small steps and to understand that failure is part of learning, but being able to reset quickly is important. Understanding that changing my attitude can make a huge difference was key. 

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