Let’s chat about the topic of Menopause bluntly for a minute. This is a stage in a women’s life that is often feared due to all of the UNKNOWNS. You would think we would have more tools by the year 2022 on how to handle this huge transition in a woman’s life. This stage basically means that we can no longer have children due to the end of our menstrual cycle. That change is the same for every woman but then it starts to get confusing. Every woman is different depending on how they transition with the amount of hormones (testosterone, estrogen (several types), progesterone) produced and how the difference in volume affects other areas of your body . Most women notice the biggest challenges with :

  1. Sleep
  2. Digestion
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Hot Flashes
  5. Weight Gain
  6. Body Aches
  7. Vaginal Dryness

The list above can be scary but it does not have to be as dramatic as you imagine. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to dial in your lifestyle habits as early as your 30’s . The healthier you are the easier the transition will be. You always hear woman say ” I did not change anything, but my body did”. That is correct , because your body is going through a normal progression and unless you make adjustments to prepare for those changes the effects will be much worse. Imagine the best and worst scenario. If you start out healthy or if you start out unhealthy the results will be drastically different.

It is never too late to enjoy this period ( Or lack there of ) in life. This stage is also very liberating and some even say a sense of freedom comes over them as they enter the next phase of life without child bearing . If you want help navigating this stage in life or getting ready for it, contact me for your free health history.

Healthy Unhealthy
Slight sleep interruptions Constant sleep issues
Mild digestive issues that can typically be solved with diet adjustments Constant digestive issues that may result in inflammatory diseases
Mood swings that can be controlled easily Severe mood swings and possibly depression
Mild hot flashes Severe hot flashes
10-15 lb weight gain 30-40 lb weight gain
Mild body aches which can be minimized with diet changes and supplements Severe body aches that limit quality of life
Vaginal dryness can be solved with topicals Vaginal dryness that is difficult to manage