Risk vs Reward

I discuss the risk versus reward concept with my clients often. Trying to find that balance in your physical and emotional life is similar to your financial balance in your portfolio As I sit looking at my most recent statement the  stock market  is down. Lately it  has been down way more than it has been up so many people are evaluating their stock market options. The same concept applies to managing your approach to your health. What is the difference ? We tend to treat food with way more emotion than we do business transactions such as real estate and the stock market. Food can be a way to show others how much we care, but lately I am seeing more people use it in a negative way to forget about the other challenges in their life. Food is energy at the end of the day and how we frame our relationship with food is very personal.

I am not a believer of calories in calories out at all stages in life. I am a woman in her early 50’s dealing with the normal hormone fluctuations and that shit does not fly at this stage in life. When I was in my mid 30’s that was another story. Does that mean we should just give up ? NO !! The most difficult part of my job is getting people to understand what stage of life they are in and to take the risks that are the most beneficial at this time. Trying to exercise all the time and eat very little will only backfire for most people . The human body needs valuable nutrients to be able to perform at any stage of life. Instead of trying crash diets and sweating your ass off on the stair climber look at what your body really needs to be able to life your best life. What do you enjoy doing ? If pickleball is your game then train and eat to perform on the court for better endurance, mobility, and core strength with proper recovery so you can do it again the next day. If your latest blood work shows you are borderline diabetic then focus on eating foods  and incorporate activities that will lower your blood sugar and keeping your energy consistent.

The biggest mistake most people make in trying to improve their health is overthinking it. Keep your approach simple but consistent and you will see results. Stop throwing yourself under the bus for enjoying some ice cream and be honest with yourself about what risks you are willing to take to get the reward. If you want a nutritionist and personal trainer who will be honest with you but challenge you as well, contact me today for your FREE health history at [email protected] or call me at 316-650-9437. Let’s do this healthy thing together.