Do you need a trainer or coach ?

During a personal training session with a client today we were discussing when she would be able to go on her own if ever. She has trained with various personal trainers for over 12 years. Does she have the knowledge to train on her own? Probably, depending on her goals. Does she have the motivation? That is up to her. Most people look at training as a short-term relationship which it can be for those people that are self-motivated and disciplined. For many people it should be a long-term relationship. Paying for training or coaching long term is an investment in your health.

Over the years I have met lots of very intelligent people that are not willing to pay for a coach or personal trainer. The main reason is that they feel they know what to do. The result is , they are not doing it. Now don’t get me wrong there are lots of people that are knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness that do not have any credentials in the industry. There is definitely not a shortage of information on this subject thanks to the internet. Where most fall short is implementing what they know.

Why should you hire a coach or trainer? The reasons are unique to the individual but over the past 15 years here is my opinion.

  1. If you are not exercising on your own as often as you would like to then pay for someone to hold you accountable
  2. Injuries can be a real fear when strength training so pay a coach to make sure you are exercising in good form to avoid injuries
  3. If you go to the gym and make it up your exercises as you go along then hiring a coach for programming will help you reach your strength goals and avoid overtraining in certain areas and undertraining in others
  4. Learn to have a good relationship with exercise. Many people did not grow up enjoying sports so as an adult it is time to learn to love the benefits of exercise
  5. Nutrition can be confusing especially for woman. Hire someone that loves teaching people how to fuel their body properly.


If you continue to make excuses year after year and your health continues to spiral downward then it is time to hire a coach. I recommend having a free health assessment so you can determine if you are a good fit as you will have a close relationship with your coach and you want to enjoy your time together. Contact me today at

Jody Vinson – ACE Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach

Owner of Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness in Wichita Kansas

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