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Food is Energy not the Enemy

I often hear clients say they can’t eat anything without gaining weight and they blame food. Did you know that food is the body’s best source of energy ? Did you know that food was the first medicine ? Did you know that food is necessary in order to build muscle ? How do we learn how to use food to our benefit rather than treating it like the enemy ? Educating ourselves on how to balance food in the right proportions to get the results we want to achieve is the first step. Before we were bombarded by food offerings other than animal products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, we did not think much about food. Food was used as energy to do a full day’s work. When flour was introduced the variety increased with added breads, then cakes, and so on. Now the variety at the grocery store contains more foods made from ingredients rather then foods that ARE ingredients. It is time to get back to the real purpose of food which is Energy. Deciding the mixture of foods that are pleasing and also beneficial for a healthy body can be a challenge. 

Everyone knows they should eat more vegetables and fruits and less processed foods. There is often the debate about animal protein, but I am a firm believe that all food groups eaten in the right portions are beneficial. Now there are people that choose to eliminate certain foods for ethical or religious reasons and they will need to look at their choices closer to get the proper nutrients. 

If you are ready to learn how food can help your body perform it’s best and stop looking at food as the enemy it is time to work together. You will never regret learning how to fuel your body properly. Contact me for your FREE health assessment at or 316-650-9437.