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The scale is not very smart……….



Many people use the scale to measure their progress when trying to get healthier, but what does the scale really show ? I recently had the stomach bug and lost 7 lbs in 2 days. At first glance you may think this is a good thing if the scale was the only tool I used to determine my process.  The only problem is that the scale measures mass, that is it. It is not smart enough to determine the difference between water, muscle, fat, bone, etc. The number on the scale really means very little. When you walk down the street can everyone see your number on the scale ? Does the size of your waistline depend on the scale ? Does the scale number determine how you feel ? NO, NO, and NO !!! The 7 pounds that I lost was all water weight and that is not the same as 7 pounds of fat. How can you tell the difference ? Water weight happens very quickly both losing and gaining. Have you every had a very sweaty workout or steamy tennis match and dropped several pounds in a day ? On the flip side have you enjoyed Chinese food and noticed the scale go up by several pounds ? The reason is the same, water weight. Fat loss is gradual and is often associated with a change in macronutrient balance. The human body, especially the female body, is very good at storing fat. If you have been at the same body composition for a long time then your body has become quite comfortable. In order to see changes you will have to make some consistent changes. Most of my clients find it is much easier than they imagined once they have committed to themselves that their health is a priority.

How can the scale be a valuable tool ? The scale can help us discover food sensitivities/allergies. When the body has a histamine reaction the scale will tend to go up as a natural response. Excess sodium consumption is also a great way to get the body to hold onto excess water . When you have changed your diet and are consistently giving your body the correct balance of nutrients then the green light goes on to let go of unneeded fat. It would be great if it happened quickly, but the human body is much smarter than we are and knows that just because we made some changes it does not trust that they will stick after just a few weeks of giving it what it needs to do it’s job efficiently.

If you are ready to improve your health, trim your waistline, lower your fasting blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and have more energy then I want to hear from you.