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What are you willing to do ?

When I speak to potential clients the most common problem is the willingness to make certain changes. These changes vary from not willing to cook or eat vegetables to tracking the food that goes in their mouth. Everyone has their own challenges which is why their personalized plan is unique to their lifestyle. At Back to Basics we work with the client on where they are in their life. If movement is a problem then we will create a plan to incorporate daily goals for movement which may be as simple as climbing the stairs in their home 5 times times a day to walking around the grocery store before the grocery shopping begins. As a personal trainer and health coach I have the ability to create fitness programs as well as lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep, stress management, and even relationships. It is okay to have things you are not willing to do as long as the list of the things you ARE willing to do is longer. You may not be willing to cook, but you are willing to add a salad to dinner every night. You may not be willing to give up your daily bread but you are willing to increase your water consumption. Reaching your goals will require some give and take, but it is much less painful than most people think it will be.

Most people agree there is never a perfect time to have kids, but there is a always a perfect time to improve your health, TODAY. Your health is something you will never regret making a priority. Without good health nothing else matters. If you have more money in the bank, but you are in constant pain does that money help you ? If you have to continue to be put on medication to control your diabetes is that daily fast food worth it ? If you are in a wheel chair and can’t easily move around was that time spent feeling sorry for yourself worth it ? It is human nature to want to do the least amount of work to get the results we want, but when that amount of work is not getting the results you want then something has to change. The human body is very intelligent and will take a lot of abuse but when it has had enough it tells you loud and clear. For some people that message comes in the way of a disease , weight gain, head aches,  and even constant pain. There are a lot of factors that are out of control but the one thing that most physicians agree upon is that the majority of chronic diseases in America are causes by our lifestyle choices which are 100% in our control.

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