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What does love got to do with it? If your first thought is the song by Tina Turner then you have an idea of my age. She also may very well have the sexiest legs of any woman, but on to the point of this article. Love is a powerful feeling that most of us have felt at some point in our life. It may have been with a significant other, your child, a parent, or even a pet. Love can also be for things such as food, the smell of a flower, the sound of the ocean, or the feel of a piece of clothing. Love for something can add significantly to the quality of one’s life. What if you did not have love in your life? How would it feel If you never felt the love from another person? What is you never knew the great feeling of loving a certain activity. What is you don’t love yourself? We tend to focus all of our energy outward instead of starting with ourselves. Until we are able to love ourselves we cannot fully give or accept love from anyone else. Loving ourselves means accepting our strengths and weaknesses. Loving ourselves means accepting who we are and not constantly beating ourselves up about who and what we are not. Loving ourselves means taking control over the areas in our life that we can control and not worrying about the areas that we can’t. Nobody is expected to be perfect at everything, but loving yourself enough to ask for help when you need it and being honest enough to accept it is the true value of LOVE.

This Valentine’s Day in 2018 , take the time to love yourself and you will find that you will be a better spouse, mother, sister, daughter and person for all the people around you starting with the most important person – YOU.

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