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Did you hear the BOOM ?

I often ask my clients if they are hearing the signs their body is giving them ? Some people are in tune with their bodies while others feel they have an alien inside them. The human body is very intelligent and was created to give signs when things are not performing as intended. Some of the signs are subtle such as digestive issues or minor aches and pains in muscles and joints. Other signs are less subtle such as constant or stabbing pain, loss of feeling in limbs , and the inability to perform normal every day tasks. If you take action when the subtle hints arise, then you may be able to slow down or even stop the momentum of the problem. If you don’t take action then the situation may continue to progress and cause irreparable damage. This is what I call the  BOOM.

As we get older, we blame age and all it’s evil siblings for everything that goes wrong from weight gain , weak bones, incontinence, and poor vision but the real question is what are you doing to combat the natural aging process. There are some natural uncontrollable changes that occur with getting older, but are you doing the best you can with the many controllable factors ? Start by paying attention to the signs your body is giving you. Take charge of your own health with these simple steps :

  1. Understand your yearly blood work. If you are relying on your primary care doctor to update you on every single change that is not going to happen. Physicians see a large number of patients per day so they only have a certain amount of time to spend with each patient. The more information you can provide your doctor, the more personalized the response will be. For example , do you know your blood sugar and HbA1C numbers? These are the numbers that tell you if you are at risk of becoming diabetic. Most physicians only perform a glucose test which is the amount of glucose in your blood at that particular time. You may have had a high starch meal the night before and your numbers were elevated or you could have had a low carb meal the night before and your number was low or normal. This is not a accurate way to see your blood sugar numbers on a regular basis. Your HbA1C is a 3 month average of your blood sugar which is a better indicator or your diabetes risk. Don’t be afraid to ask for this test especially if you have a family history of diabetes, had gestational diabetes when you  were pregnant, or often get dizzy when you don’t eat or feel overly tired after starchy meals.
  2. Constipation is not just an inconvenience, but a health risk. If you are not emptying your bowels daily then you are literally full of shi?. When you are not able to get rid of the waste, it will rot inside your body releasing toxins and wreak havoc. For some people it may mean high cholesterol, hormone imbalance, or intestinal inflammation. One of the simplest things you can do is stay regular. Fibrous foods are important to include in your diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables with the skin, nuts, seeds, and grains.
  3. Keep moving. Life is full of ups and downs. The details of your fitness plan are not as important as the big plan which is to keep MOVING. Ask anyone over the age of 75 that is active is enjoying life what their secret is. The most common response I get is to keep moving.

Most people tend to complicate the issue of health ,looking for that smoking gun that is often not there. Instead of looking for the detour , try the main road hitting all the stops along the way to give your body what it needs. CONSISTENCY. If you need help getting back on track so you can live your best life, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at 316-650-9437 or .

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The Age Game


When we are in our teens, we want to look older, but when we are over 40 we want to look younger. What are the telltale signs of our real chronological age? Wrinkles, age spots, amount of hair ( or lack of), body composition, and how we move. Some of these features have a genetic component such as hair loss or joint issues, but the majority are associated with how you live your life.  The main culprit of wrinkles and age spots are smoking, sun exposure, loss of collagen, and a diet lacking in nutrients. Hair growth can be associated with family genes but we can influence hair growth with a diet rich in nutrients. Have you ever heard the term genetics loads the gun, but your lifestyle fires it ? We have all heard the phrase “Mom Bod” or “Dad Bod”. The typical definition for Mom Bod is :


A woman who has had at least one kid and that child has affected her body in such a way that it changes her physical appearance to the point to where she no longer looks like herself.


Versus the Dad Bod


Dad bod is a term in popular culture referring to a body shape particular to middle-aged men. The phrase has been adopted in U.S. culture as a celebration of this particular type of physique. This masculine body type is a cross between somewhat muscular and overweight physiques.


I think most of us would agree that we can’t turn back time (I may be signing the song by Cher in my mind) but we can certainly slow down the process and in some situation feel like we are reversing it. One thing I wish I knew when I was younger was the amount of damage sun exposure can cause. If you were born 45+ years ago then you have probably had lots of unprotected sun exposure unless you had a parent that was in the medical field or  ahead of the curve. There are lots of different products on the market to help improve your skin texture, wrinkles, spots, etc. but the most important tool is mineral sun block so not to increase the damage or reduce the risk of skin cancer. I love my Arbonne skincare and love sharing the benefits with others so let me know if you want more information or you can check it out at The key to skincare is to pick a regiment and stick to it. Just like most things in life, it takes time and consistency. Ingredients, frequency, and cost are all factors when choosing the right skincare for you.


I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that enjoyed family dinners together which consisted of mostly plant and animal proteins, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and the typical starches of rice, potatoes, and noodles. We also enjoyed snack food and soda but not on a regular basis. I look back and see vast differences between how I grew up and how I am raising my kids. The biggest items that are missing are Tang, Kool Aid, milk, Mountain Dew, and Doritos. We drank Tang every morning as kids. It was a small glass, probably 4 ounces. It contained a lot of sugar, but it also contained a decent amount of Vitamin C. The biggest difference was even though we drank and eat some food that were not healthy choices, the quantities were small. We also had some hard rules such as of only drinking water at dinner. We drank so much water we typically finished a pitcher every evening. We had to eat all of our vegetables. I ate everything from canned spinach to ham and bean soup . The only foods I was not will to consume were lima beans and liver. Thankfully Dad did not like liver either so the kids were off the hook too.I started working in the restaurant business when I was 14 so a lot of my meals were eaten there. I still remember my favorites which were meatloaf, potpie, chicken, ribs, and lots of vegetables from green beans, stewed tomatoes, yummy coleslaw and brussels sprouts. I had already established a liking for a wide range of foods, but working in a restaurant helped me to continue to try new foods. If your food choices are limited, I urge you to try different foods especially vegetables and fruits because they contain valuable nutrients that everyone can benefit from enjoying. If you have chidren, then it is up to you as the parent to expose them to a wide variety of foods. Do not give in because they only want to eat chicken nuggets and french fries. The more often they are exposed to new foods the higher the chance  they will try and enjoy them. Don’t be surprised if it does not happen the first few times.


When you see someone walking down the street how can you tell their age? I remember I was getting ready to play tennis a few years ago (I was in my mid 40’s ) one day and I was putting my hair up in a pony tail and my coach said she did not recognize me from the parking lot. She thought it was a teenager. I took it as a compliment, but I got to thinking what made her think I was so young. She was not close enough to see my wrinkles, but what she could see was my posture, as well as my arms and legs. Our posture is the first sign of our age. I remember my grandmother saying not to make certain faces because my face would stay that way. She was not entirely wrong because our face just like every other muscle in our body has a memory. The more we practice a movement the more our body will remember it. If you practice good posture over and over again then it will become automatic. On the other side if you practice bad posture, your body will also remember it. Signs such as rounded shoulders, forward head posture, and the dreaded forward lean are all signs of age. The next sign is how we move. We all know people that shuffle their feet rather than walking. When you sit a lot the hip flexors or front of your legs between your thigh and hip get shortened and weak. These muscles are very valuable in lifting the leg when walking. The glutes aka butt also play a role in this motion which also becomes very weak with extended periods of sitting. Balance is also key especially when walking in an area where the surface is not consistent such as a sidewalk or gravel road. Even though most people don’t think about balance when they are walking it plays a role every time a foot is lifted.

I love helping people of all ages get the most out of life, but my passion is helping people defy aging so they can be as physical as they want for as LONG as they want. My passions are tennis, pickleball, swimming, skiing, and anything outdoors. If you are like me and  want to stay active for many years to come I would love to help you.


Jody Vinson – ACE Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach

Owner of Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness in Wichita Kansas

316-650-9437 /










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The scale is not very smart……….



Many people use the scale to measure their progress when trying to get healthier, but what does the scale really show ? I recently had the stomach bug and lost 7 lbs in 2 days. At first glance you may think this is a good thing if the scale was the only tool I used to determine my process.  The only problem is that the scale measures mass, that is it. It is not smart enough to determine the difference between water, muscle, fat, bone, etc. The number on the scale really means very little. When you walk down the street can everyone see your number on the scale ? Does the size of your waistline depend on the scale ? Does the scale number determine how you feel ? NO, NO, and NO !!! The 7 pounds that I lost was all water weight and that is not the same as 7 pounds of fat. How can you tell the difference ? Water weight happens very quickly both losing and gaining. Have you every had a very sweaty workout or steamy tennis match and dropped several pounds in a day ? On the flip side have you enjoyed Chinese food and noticed the scale go up by several pounds ? The reason is the same, water weight. Fat loss is gradual and is often associated with a change in macronutrient balance. The human body, especially the female body, is very good at storing fat. If you have been at the same body composition for a long time then your body has become quite comfortable. In order to see changes you will have to make some consistent changes. Most of my clients find it is much easier than they imagined once they have committed to themselves that their health is a priority.

How can the scale be a valuable tool ? The scale can help us discover food sensitivities/allergies. When the body has a histamine reaction the scale will tend to go up as a natural response. Excess sodium consumption is also a great way to get the body to hold onto excess water . When you have changed your diet and are consistently giving your body the correct balance of nutrients then the green light goes on to let go of unneeded fat. It would be great if it happened quickly, but the human body is much smarter than we are and knows that just because we made some changes it does not trust that they will stick after just a few weeks of giving it what it needs to do it’s job efficiently.

If you are ready to improve your health, trim your waistline, lower your fasting blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and have more energy then I want to hear from you.

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What happened ?

As I take a call from a new client this morning it starts with the familiar sentence of ” I stopped doing what I used to do and I don’t know what happened”. When the road of life forces us to make decisions that take us down a different road then it is time to make adjustments. What often happens is that changes happen but the adjustments necessary to respond to those changes are slow to come for many people. This applies to everything from your kids growing up to retirement. Big changes in life require a conversation with yourself and often others that are impacted. In 2019 many people have lost the ability to communicate with themselves and the people around them. We rely so heavily on technology we forgot how to talk on the phone and replaced it by text. When relationships were once valued they are replaced with achievements. We need to learn to value the real things in life rather than what is material. When we start in the workforce the big push is to start saving for retirement. Many people have saved for this big event but what happens when you get there ? My picture of retirement is filled with lots of travel, activities such as tennis and golf, community involvement and family. I know that I am happiest when I am active and my body does not limit me. In order for my retirement plan to become reality I must do several things :

  1. Stay healthy
  2. Invest wisely
  3. Maintain and build relationships

Are you taking the proper steps to enjoy your next stage in life and ultimately have a blast in retirement ? If not, I want to help you. Contact me today for your free health assessment at 316-650-9437 or

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What are you willing to do ?

When I speak to potential clients the most common problem is the willingness to make certain changes. These changes vary from not willing to cook or eat vegetables to tracking the food that goes in their mouth. Everyone has their own challenges which is why their personalized plan is unique to their lifestyle. At Back to Basics we work with the client on where they are in their life. If movement is a problem then we will create a plan to incorporate daily goals for movement which may be as simple as climbing the stairs in their home 5 times times a day to walking around the grocery store before the grocery shopping begins. As a personal trainer and health coach I have the ability to create fitness programs as well as lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep, stress management, and even relationships. It is okay to have things you are not willing to do as long as the list of the things you ARE willing to do is longer. You may not be willing to cook, but you are willing to add a salad to dinner every night. You may not be willing to give up your daily bread but you are willing to increase your water consumption. Reaching your goals will require some give and take, but it is much less painful than most people think it will be.

Most people agree there is never a perfect time to have kids, but there is a always a perfect time to improve your health, TODAY. Your health is something you will never regret making a priority. Without good health nothing else matters. If you have more money in the bank, but you are in constant pain does that money help you ? If you have to continue to be put on medication to control your diabetes is that daily fast food worth it ? If you are in a wheel chair and can’t easily move around was that time spent feeling sorry for yourself worth it ? It is human nature to want to do the least amount of work to get the results we want, but when that amount of work is not getting the results you want then something has to change. The human body is very intelligent and will take a lot of abuse but when it has had enough it tells you loud and clear. For some people that message comes in the way of a disease , weight gain, head aches,  and even constant pain. There are a lot of factors that are out of control but the one thing that most physicians agree upon is that the majority of chronic diseases in America are causes by our lifestyle choices which are 100% in our control.

Let me help you improve your health today. Contact Jody Vinson for a free assessment at 316-650-9437 or

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Are you leaving money on the table ?


Are you leaving 100’s of dollars on the table every year ???

A large amount of companies offer wellness incentives and HSA accounts to their employees . Most plans are called an HSA,  health savings account, which is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available . The funds contributed to an account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit. Every company has their own requirements and often work with a third party such as Red Brick Health.  Every program is different but normally contains similar qualities. The first is the ability to earn money from your employee by completing an annual exam. If you turn in your physical form by the required day you earn rewards such as $200 a year. The form may consist of waist circumference, BMI, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, TC/HDL ratio, glucose, and triglycerides, By proving your blood results are in the healthy range you can earn additional funds per quarterly ($300 a year). If you do not have healthy numbers you have the opportunity to earn funds by performing healthy activities proving you are making the effort to improve your health.

The next option is to contribute to your HSA account. Some companies will match your HSA contributions to a certain amount annually. Each year there is a maximum amount that can be contributed to your HSA. Contributions are made tax free for eligible medical expenses. Each year it good to example your medical expenses from the previous year to determine what plan is best for you and your family.

If you are not completing these simple tasks to manage your health you may be leaving money on the table. Spending money to improve your health is always a wise investment, but spending too much or spending foolishly is not.

Contact me if you want help in improving your health the right way.

Jody Vinson


Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, & Business Owner

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Life is full of little adjustments.


This week I reached out to a client because I did not receive his details for the week. He told me that his work partner was out of the office and nothing he normally did could happen so he just threw in the towel and was starting over the next week. As I was paddle boarding on the last day of our vacation, it was windy and there were lots of boats in the area. I was having to constantly change the side I was paddling on to adjust for the wind. I had to move from my feet to my knees on several occasions to keep from falling away due to the boat wake. All of these little adjustments reminded me that this is life. There are lots of moving parts that need constant adjustments to either keep us on track or get us back on track. If you have ever been in a canoe, kayak, or sail boat you will understand the constant changes that are made to adjust. When you drive a car, small adjustments of the steering wheel are being made every few seconds to stay in the middle of the road. After years of experience you don’t even notice these adjustments, because they become automatic. The more you practice adjusting to the changes the more automatic they will become. Learning how to make adjustments easily is a skill that can be used in every aspect of life. If work problems happen and you can’t leave the office for lunch, you adjust by asking a coworker to pick up lunch since they are going out anyway. You make the protein shake you have stored in your desk as a backup and make sure to pack your lunch tomorrow in case the same thing happens. Your baby sitter quits and now you are left to find a new sitter quickly. You call in a few favors with friends and family so you  have time to research a new sitter.  There is always a way to solve the problem. It does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be progress.


If you are ready to learn how to make those little adjustments automatic to improve your health and quality of life then contact me at or complete the contact form at

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When did food become confusing ?

In the past few weeks I have had multiple conversations with both men and women on the topic of food relationships. When did eating for a healthy body become so confusing ? If you were born in the 60’s and 70’s then you have spent a lifetime being brainwashed with the media on what is considered healthy. One day eggs are healthy, then they were not. Butter was good, then it was bad. Fats were thought to make people fat, then came along the non fat trend and Americans became even more unhealthy. Convenience became the big push when both parents went into the work force. if you were born in the 80’s and 90’s you grew up when the snack food and frozen food sections grew just as fast as the number of fast food restaurants. If you were born in the 2000’s then you grew up with all the conveniences you could ever imagine and had to learn self control from the very beginning. The reason food is so confusing is due to a few reasons :

  1. The results from various studies are often misleading. These studies often look at foods in a vacuum rather than part of an entire diet.
  2. Every person is unique and so are their nutritional needs
  3. The quality of our food supply has changed over the past 40 years
  4. The food offerings have changed drastically over the past 40 years with convenience being the driving factors
  5. Medications are given to children at a younger age altering their gut health and immune system

The first step in improving ones health is to learn to have a good relationship with food. Food is energy, not the enemy. The number of food sensitivities and allergies continues to grow. I work with clients every day who have difficulty processing certain foods and ingredients. Consuming foods closest to their natural state is ideal with little or minimum processing. When foods are processed they are typically stripped of their natural nutrients and often have these lost nutrients added back in . Although the food companies are trying to add the nutrients back in that are lost it is not possible to match them in their natural state.

If you are ready to  improve your relationship with food to understand the best foods for your body, contact me today for your free health assessment at or call 316-650-9437.


This article was written by Jody Vinson, IIN certified Nutrition Health Coach & ACE Certified Personal Trainer.


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Midlife Crisis – It’s never late to improve your health



Midlife crisis by definition is an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age. Most people agree this is the age between 40-55 years of age. Women often struggle to understand what their role is if they have been the primary caregiver and now they are empty nesters. Men often reevaluate their career and relationships at this time. The one thing that both sexes typically agree on is that this is a time when their health becomes more important. Your body is going through some normal changes that may be causing problems. Menopause can be the trigger for women where men go through changes typically associated with less muscle mass and more body fat. The habits you had in the past are finally catching up and your body has had enough. Health becomes a priority but where do you start? Many people find themselves 20, 50, 100 + pounds overweight which can be overwhelming. Some people can clearly remember their younger selves as the high school or college athlete with a strong and flexible body. Life hits hard with job responsibilities, family, relocations and even caring for parents. Today’s demanding life with the convenience of technology forces many people to feel like they are on call 24/7.

Getting started is the most difficult part. Checking your ego at the door and being open and honest are the most important tools when embarking on your health journey. What you thought you knew may not be as accurate as you think. As a health coach and personal trainer my job is to be up to date on the most recent studies coming from the medical community. Every person is different so when you read about a program that may have been highly successful for one person but is not working for you, it does not mean you are doing anything wrong, it might not be the right program for you. On the flip side change takes time. If it was easy and fast everybody would be doing it. Anything that requires multiple habit changes will take commitment, consistency, and time. It is never too late to improve your health, so start today.

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Losing weight is not the problem, maintaining it is

If you ask an adult that wants to lose weight if they have been successful at losing weight in the past the answer will be an astounding YES. Most adults are able to stick to a “diet” to lose weight for a set number of weeks or to reach a goal such as a wedding or a big birthday celebration. The difficult part is not losing the weight but knowing how to live a full life and maintain the weight loss. As we get older the methods of exercising more and eating smaller portions no longer works. The biggest differences as we age are the changes that occur naturally as part of the aging process. Understanding the factors that affect weight loss and knowing how to adjust them to allow for a good quality of life can be challenging. Hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, Vitamin D, and insulin are large factors in the recipe for weight loss. As a personal trainer there are many benefits to physical fitness, but large amounts of weight loss for most people is not typical especially when you are over the age of 40. If your body is balanced hormonally then your body will respond differently to certain foods versus the person that is insulin resistance and Vitamin D deficient. The maintenance phase is where you show yourself that you have the ability to have a good quality of life on your terms. Contact me today if you want to learn more.