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Risk vs Reward

I discuss the risk versus reward concept with my clients often. Trying to find that balance in your physical and emotional life is similar to your financial balance in your portfolio As I sit looking at my most recent statement the  stock market  is down. Lately it  has been down way more than it has been up so many people are evaluating their stock market options. The same concept applies to managing your approach to your health. What is the difference ? We tend to treat food with way more emotion than we do business transactions such as real estate and the stock market. Food can be a way to show others how much we care, but lately I am seeing more people use it in a negative way to forget about the other challenges in their life. Food is energy at the end of the day and how we frame our relationship with food is very personal.

I am not a believer of calories in calories out at all stages in life. I am a woman in her early 50’s dealing with the normal hormone fluctuations and that shit does not fly at this stage in life. When I was in my mid 30’s that was another story. Does that mean we should just give up ? NO !! The most difficult part of my job is getting people to understand what stage of life they are in and to take the risks that are the most beneficial at this time. Trying to exercise all the time and eat very little will only backfire for most people . The human body needs valuable nutrients to be able to perform at any stage of life. Instead of trying crash diets and sweating your ass off on the stair climber look at what your body really needs to be able to life your best life. What do you enjoy doing ? If pickleball is your game then train and eat to perform on the court for better endurance, mobility, and core strength with proper recovery so you can do it again the next day. If your latest blood work shows you are borderline diabetic then focus on eating foods  and incorporate activities that will lower your blood sugar and keeping your energy consistent.

The biggest mistake most people make in trying to improve their health is overthinking it. Keep your approach simple but consistent and you will see results. Stop throwing yourself under the bus for enjoying some ice cream and be honest with yourself about what risks you are willing to take to get the reward. If you want a nutritionist and personal trainer who will be honest with you but challenge you as well, contact me today for your FREE health history at or call me at 316-650-9437. Let’s do this healthy thing together.

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Seeing the road ahead


If you could clearly see your path ahead would you make changes ? Changing habits consistently is the most difficult task for people to grasp. For the majority of people it is because they don’t get immediate feedback. We live in a time that we are used to getting instant results one way or another. You push a button on the remote control and something happens. The channel changes, the volume goes up or down, etc. The same applies to the phone, computer, car, etc. When you can not SEE anything change it is much more difficult to stay committed. This is one of the main reasons I highly recommend taking pictures on a regular basis. We often rely on the scale way too much as a measure of progress. Taking the approach to LEARN  rather than just FOLLOWING a plan can make a big difference in being successful. Life can be stressful enough, but making changes to improve your overall health and quality of life shouldn’t be. I love helping my clients get the most out of the one life we have been given. Contact me today at .



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Bouncing Back

Bouncing back from an event that throws you off your course is a skill that can be used in many aspects of your life. In my profession I see lots of people start habits towards living a healthy life but an event happens which can be as simple as the holiday season and they fall off track for months before they are able to get back to their plan. More serious events such as divorce, death of a loved one, wedding, caring for a loved one, etc. can all take a toll on your health as well. The faster you can bounce back the higher quality of life you will have. Getting back on track does not mean being on a diet or embarking on a difficult exercise regiment. It means find a balance to allow you to enjoy love in a healthy way. Every person is different which is why the approach should be unique as well.

If you have been stalling about improving your overall health , take action now. Don’t wait until after the holidays, or the next big event, take charge NOW. Most of the my clients agree that is much easier than they thought. Think of your body like a car. The better you take care of it, the better performance you will get. A few key factors play a big role :

  • Nutrition – food is like the gas in the car. Nutrient rich foods are key. That does not mean you can’t enjoy foods that are considered “bad” for you as long you have a good balance.
  • Movement – A car does not do well sitting in the garage, it is meant to be driven. Your body is the same, it needs movement to keep running without spitting and sputtering or aches and pains in the case of the human body.
  • Sleep – A car needs time to cool off after being driven and the human body needs recovery. Recovery is often overlooked , but that is when the magic happens.
  • Socialization – Human beings are more than a hunk of metal. We have emotions, wants, and needs, and  are fed by human interaction. There is a reason isolation  or ” the hole” is the most extreme punishment for prisoners. People thrive when they have fulfilling relationships in their life.
  • Stress Management – Stress if often compared to smoking these days in the damage it can do. The human body was created to go into overdrive when needed , but it was not meant to be in a constant state of overdrive. Back to the car analogy again, being in Overdrive too long will burn out the engine. There are lots of ways your body is telling you it is running HOT from high blood pressure, sleep issues, weight gain just to name a few. Learning how to manage the stress of today’s crazy life can seem like a full time job, but with a few simple changes it can be a thing of the past.

If you are ready to be the best version of yourself, let’s Bounce Back together. Contact me at or directly at 316-650-9437 to get started.

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Healthy is the goal of life

I joined a women’s hiking trip this past week and  was reminded of several things. The most important was that fact that we have one life and it is much shorter than we all think. It is up to ME,  not my husband, parents, kids, or friends to help me make the most of my life. Surrounding myself with the people that make your life better is key. If we surround ourselves with negative people that tell us what we can’t do then that is what we believe. If we surround ourselves with  people that cheer us on one step at a time no matter how long it takes to reach the top of the mountain now those people are our true friends. Every person is a work in progress for the rest of our lives. This not a bad thing, it is just life. We are constantly changing, and growing, AND learning. Life is full of twists and turns so it is up to us to navigate the road and make the best choices we can.

My close hiking buddies are also past clients and now friends. My 67 years young friend climbed a 15 mile trail with me and kicked some major butt. I I was so proud of her and she is newly retired so she can do anything she wants to do. Our other partner in crime was diagnosed with breast cancer when we were working together. To say that this lady is a badass is an understatement. While going through treatment she continued to stay active with her passion of pickleball, fuel her body with the best foods for healing, and continue to bless everything around her with smile and wonderful laugh. She is a true inspiration to everyone around her. I love being a health coach, nutritionist , and personal trainer so I can help others live their best life. As a wise man said ” Don’t worry what you can’t do, but focus on what you CAN do” . We often spend too much time worrying about where we fall short instead of enjoying where we are in our lives . Every day we should continue to work to improve our health so we can tackle any adventure life throws at us. Keep living your best life and let me know if you want some help along the way.


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Do you need a trainer or coach ?

During a personal training session with a client today we were discussing when she would be able to go on her own if ever. She has trained with various personal trainers for over 12 years. Does she have the knowledge to train on her own? Probably, depending on her goals. Does she have the motivation? That is up to her. Most people look at training as a short-term relationship which it can be for those people that are self-motivated and disciplined. For many people it should be a long-term relationship. Paying for training or coaching long term is an investment in your health.

Over the years I have met lots of very intelligent people that are not willing to pay for a coach or personal trainer. The main reason is that they feel they know what to do. The result is , they are not doing it. Now don’t get me wrong there are lots of people that are knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness that do not have any credentials in the industry. There is definitely not a shortage of information on this subject thanks to the internet. Where most fall short is implementing what they know.

Why should you hire a coach or trainer? The reasons are unique to the individual but over the past 15 years here is my opinion.

  1. If you are not exercising on your own as often as you would like to then pay for someone to hold you accountable
  2. Injuries can be a real fear when strength training so pay a coach to make sure you are exercising in good form to avoid injuries
  3. If you go to the gym and make it up your exercises as you go along then hiring a coach for programming will help you reach your strength goals and avoid overtraining in certain areas and undertraining in others
  4. Learn to have a good relationship with exercise. Many people did not grow up enjoying sports so as an adult it is time to learn to love the benefits of exercise
  5. Nutrition can be confusing especially for woman. Hire someone that loves teaching people how to fuel their body properly.


If you continue to make excuses year after year and your health continues to spiral downward then it is time to hire a coach. I recommend having a free health assessment so you can determine if you are a good fit as you will have a close relationship with your coach and you want to enjoy your time together. Contact me today at

Jody Vinson – ACE Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach

Owner of Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness in Wichita Kansas

316-650-9437 /









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Status Quo is also a GOAL



Do you often feel like everyone around is crushing their goals of weight loss and muscle building and you are just hoping not to slide backwards ? There are certain stages in our life when creating crazy goals can actually do the opposite of motivation. The years around menopause can be a very stressful time of a women’s life and creating crazy fitness goals can actually add more stress and your body does not respond well to lots of stress. Men can feel the same stress in their 40’s and 50’s when their hormones are changing and the workload of family and work are building up. There are so many forces trying to pull you backwards that remaining the same is a pretty big challenge .  Don’t get me wrong fitness is very important during this stage for both men and women but it may not be the right time to train for a marathon if you have been sitting on the couch for the past few years. There are lots of other ways to improve your health without killing yourself in the gym. Start with nutrition and stress management. If your hormones are out of whack due to a poor diet and lots of unmanaged stress then you can kill it in the gym and you won’t get the results you are looking for. Improving your health is a multistep process and the order in which you perform those steps can be very important. Once you are managing your stress and can tackle any challenge life throws at you it is time to get your nutrition in line. Most people do a good job of removing those “bad” foods, but they miss adding in the “good” foods. Your body requires a balance of foods in order to perform at it’s best for when you are skipping the fries and alcohol don’t forget to add in the fiber rich foods and extra protein.  This stage requires a lot of habit changing but can help you in the future steps of regular exercise, fulfilling relationships, financial stability, etc.

Did you know that a good health coach can help you organize your life not just your health. I love helping people get their shit together so they can get the most out of life. Contact me you for complimentary health history at or give me a call at 316-650-9437.

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Food is Energy not the Enemy

I often hear clients say they can’t eat anything without gaining weight and they blame food. Did you know that food is the body’s best source of energy ? Did you know that food was the first medicine ? Did you know that food is necessary in order to build muscle ? How do we learn how to use food to our benefit rather than treating it like the enemy ? Educating ourselves on how to balance food in the right proportions to get the results we want to achieve is the first step. Before we were bombarded by food offerings other than animal products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, we did not think much about food. Food was used as energy to do a full day’s work. When flour was introduced the variety increased with added breads, then cakes, and so on. Now the variety at the grocery store contains more foods made from ingredients rather then foods that ARE ingredients. It is time to get back to the real purpose of food which is Energy. Deciding the mixture of foods that are pleasing and also beneficial for a healthy body can be a challenge. 

Everyone knows they should eat more vegetables and fruits and less processed foods. There is often the debate about animal protein, but I am a firm believe that all food groups eaten in the right portions are beneficial. Now there are people that choose to eliminate certain foods for ethical or religious reasons and they will need to look at their choices closer to get the proper nutrients. 

If you are ready to learn how food can help your body perform it’s best and stop looking at food as the enemy it is time to work together. You will never regret learning how to fuel your body properly. Contact me for your FREE health assessment at or 316-650-9437. 

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Turn your EXCUSES into SUCCESSES ?

I have conversations with clients all the time when they list the reasons why they did not accomplish certain tasks. Most people realize when the words are coming out of their mouth that it is a bunch of excuses, but how do they change it ? I personally believe that some people come out of the womb thinking in a positive way where others start out as a Negative Nelly. Which one are you ? You know those people that always see the positive things when others see the gloom and doom. The transition from the dark side to the sunny side takes time and  effort.

Here is a quick and simple 3 step process to turn your excuses into successes:

  1. Do what you have committed to for at least 30 days. If you committed to hitting a 7:00 fitness class 3 x a week then do it. You may not enjoy it the first few weeks, but it will get better. You will find that are more productive when you get up and hit the class first thing in the morning.
  2. Rally your troops. Instead of trying to do everything on your own ask for help. You may find that you are actually the one helping someone else when you reach out.
  3. Do your weekly check in . Whether you are working with a coach or are on your on it is important to check in each week. What did you do well this week (Pat yourself on the back) and what did you struggle with. Regroup and make adjustments for the next week. Success does not come from perfection, but progress.

If you need some help improving your health or getting your life organized, give me a call / text/email/facebook message. You only get one life, so make the most of it.

Thanks – Jody Vinson , Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, & Life organizer

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Did you hear the BOOM ?

I often ask my clients if they are hearing the signs their body is giving them ? Some people are in tune with their bodies while others feel they have an alien inside them. The human body is very intelligent and was created to give signs when things are not performing as intended. Some of the signs are subtle such as digestive issues or minor aches and pains in muscles and joints. Other signs are less subtle such as constant or stabbing pain, loss of feeling in limbs , and the inability to perform normal every day tasks. If you take action when the subtle hints arise, then you may be able to slow down or even stop the momentum of the problem. If you don’t take action then the situation may continue to progress and cause irreparable damage. This is what I call the  BOOM.

As we get older, we blame age and all it’s evil siblings for everything that goes wrong from weight gain , weak bones, incontinence, and poor vision but the real question is what are you doing to combat the natural aging process. There are some natural uncontrollable changes that occur with getting older, but are you doing the best you can with the many controllable factors ? Start by paying attention to the signs your body is giving you. Take charge of your own health with these simple steps :

  1. Understand your yearly blood work. If you are relying on your primary care doctor to update you on every single change that is not going to happen. Physicians see a large number of patients per day so they only have a certain amount of time to spend with each patient. The more information you can provide your doctor, the more personalized the response will be. For example , do you know your blood sugar and HbA1C numbers? These are the numbers that tell you if you are at risk of becoming diabetic. Most physicians only perform a glucose test which is the amount of glucose in your blood at that particular time. You may have had a high starch meal the night before and your numbers were elevated or you could have had a low carb meal the night before and your number was low or normal. This is not a accurate way to see your blood sugar numbers on a regular basis. Your HbA1C is a 3 month average of your blood sugar which is a better indicator or your diabetes risk. Don’t be afraid to ask for this test especially if you have a family history of diabetes, had gestational diabetes when you  were pregnant, or often get dizzy when you don’t eat or feel overly tired after starchy meals.
  2. Constipation is not just an inconvenience, but a health risk. If you are not emptying your bowels daily then you are literally full of shi?. When you are not able to get rid of the waste, it will rot inside your body releasing toxins and wreak havoc. For some people it may mean high cholesterol, hormone imbalance, or intestinal inflammation. One of the simplest things you can do is stay regular. Fibrous foods are important to include in your diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables with the skin, nuts, seeds, and grains.
  3. Keep moving. Life is full of ups and downs. The details of your fitness plan are not as important as the big plan which is to keep MOVING. Ask anyone over the age of 75 that is active is enjoying life what their secret is. The most common response I get is to keep moving.

Most people tend to complicate the issue of health ,looking for that smoking gun that is often not there. Instead of looking for the detour , try the main road hitting all the stops along the way to give your body what it needs. CONSISTENCY. If you need help getting back on track so you can live your best life, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at 316-650-9437 or .

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The Age Game


When we are in our teens, we want to look older, but when we are over 40 we want to look younger. What are the telltale signs of our real chronological age? Wrinkles, age spots, amount of hair ( or lack of), body composition, and how we move. Some of these features have a genetic component such as hair loss or joint issues, but the majority are associated with how you live your life.  The main culprit of wrinkles and age spots are smoking, sun exposure, loss of collagen, and a diet lacking in nutrients. Hair growth can be associated with family genes but we can influence hair growth with a diet rich in nutrients. Have you ever heard the term genetics loads the gun, but your lifestyle fires it ? We have all heard the phrase “Mom Bod” or “Dad Bod”. The typical definition for Mom Bod is :


A woman who has had at least one kid and that child has affected her body in such a way that it changes her physical appearance to the point to where she no longer looks like herself.


Versus the Dad Bod


Dad bod is a term in popular culture referring to a body shape particular to middle-aged men. The phrase has been adopted in U.S. culture as a celebration of this particular type of physique. This masculine body type is a cross between somewhat muscular and overweight physiques.


I think most of us would agree that we can’t turn back time (I may be signing the song by Cher in my mind) but we can certainly slow down the process and in some situation feel like we are reversing it. One thing I wish I knew when I was younger was the amount of damage sun exposure can cause. If you were born 45+ years ago then you have probably had lots of unprotected sun exposure unless you had a parent that was in the medical field or  ahead of the curve. There are lots of different products on the market to help improve your skin texture, wrinkles, spots, etc. but the most important tool is mineral sun block so not to increase the damage or reduce the risk of skin cancer. I love my Arbonne skincare and love sharing the benefits with others so let me know if you want more information or you can check it out at The key to skincare is to pick a regiment and stick to it. Just like most things in life, it takes time and consistency. Ingredients, frequency, and cost are all factors when choosing the right skincare for you.


I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that enjoyed family dinners together which consisted of mostly plant and animal proteins, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and the typical starches of rice, potatoes, and noodles. We also enjoyed snack food and soda but not on a regular basis. I look back and see vast differences between how I grew up and how I am raising my kids. The biggest items that are missing are Tang, Kool Aid, milk, Mountain Dew, and Doritos. We drank Tang every morning as kids. It was a small glass, probably 4 ounces. It contained a lot of sugar, but it also contained a decent amount of Vitamin C. The biggest difference was even though we drank and eat some food that were not healthy choices, the quantities were small. We also had some hard rules such as of only drinking water at dinner. We drank so much water we typically finished a pitcher every evening. We had to eat all of our vegetables. I ate everything from canned spinach to ham and bean soup . The only foods I was not will to consume were lima beans and liver. Thankfully Dad did not like liver either so the kids were off the hook too.I started working in the restaurant business when I was 14 so a lot of my meals were eaten there. I still remember my favorites which were meatloaf, potpie, chicken, ribs, and lots of vegetables from green beans, stewed tomatoes, yummy coleslaw and brussels sprouts. I had already established a liking for a wide range of foods, but working in a restaurant helped me to continue to try new foods. If your food choices are limited, I urge you to try different foods especially vegetables and fruits because they contain valuable nutrients that everyone can benefit from enjoying. If you have chidren, then it is up to you as the parent to expose them to a wide variety of foods. Do not give in because they only want to eat chicken nuggets and french fries. The more often they are exposed to new foods the higher the chance  they will try and enjoy them. Don’t be surprised if it does not happen the first few times.


When you see someone walking down the street how can you tell their age? I remember I was getting ready to play tennis a few years ago (I was in my mid 40’s ) one day and I was putting my hair up in a pony tail and my coach said she did not recognize me from the parking lot. She thought it was a teenager. I took it as a compliment, but I got to thinking what made her think I was so young. She was not close enough to see my wrinkles, but what she could see was my posture, as well as my arms and legs. Our posture is the first sign of our age. I remember my grandmother saying not to make certain faces because my face would stay that way. She was not entirely wrong because our face just like every other muscle in our body has a memory. The more we practice a movement the more our body will remember it. If you practice good posture over and over again then it will become automatic. On the other side if you practice bad posture, your body will also remember it. Signs such as rounded shoulders, forward head posture, and the dreaded forward lean are all signs of age. The next sign is how we move. We all know people that shuffle their feet rather than walking. When you sit a lot the hip flexors or front of your legs between your thigh and hip get shortened and weak. These muscles are very valuable in lifting the leg when walking. The glutes aka butt also play a role in this motion which also becomes very weak with extended periods of sitting. Balance is also key especially when walking in an area where the surface is not consistent such as a sidewalk or gravel road. Even though most people don’t think about balance when they are walking it plays a role every time a foot is lifted.

I love helping people of all ages get the most out of life, but my passion is helping people defy aging so they can be as physical as they want for as LONG as they want. My passions are tennis, pickleball, swimming, skiing, and anything outdoors. If you are like me and  want to stay active for many years to come I would love to help you.


Jody Vinson – ACE Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach

Owner of Back to Basics Nutrition and Fitness in Wichita Kansas

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