Habit versus Hunger

Fasting has been shown to decrease insulin resistance therefore allowing your body to be more efficient at metabolizing your food. One of the biggest culprits is snacking after dinner. Are you really hungry ? If you had a high carb meal with very little protein and fat then the answer may actually be yes. Most of the time the answer is NO. Do you want to put something in your pie hole because your mouth is bored ? YES. You may be used to popping a bag of popcorn or filling a bowl with chips, pretzels, or your favorite snack to sit down and mindlessly watch tv after a long day of work. If you have been doing this evening routine for years then you have created a bad habit. The good news is that you can create a good habit the same way you created a bad habit, consistency. You will be surprised how quickly you can make this change once you put your mind to it. Will you be hungry a few nights during this change ? YES. This is when we often tell people to enjoy a pillow sandwich. We are so used to having food at our fingertips in our stocked pantry and refrigerator so it is so convenient to have food at any time of the day even when it is not needed. Convenience is the biggest culprit to eating when you are not hungry and also eating the wrong foods. Fast food was created to provide convenience now and then but it has become an every day occurrence for many people. Learning to focus on nutrition, food timing, and portion size and how these changes can effect how your body uses food for energy is a lesson for life.

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