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Healthy is the goal of life

I joined a women’s hiking trip this past week and  was reminded of several things. The most important was that fact that we have one life and it is much shorter than we all think. It is up to ME,  not my husband, parents, kids, or friends to help me make the most of my life. Surrounding myself with the people that make your life better is key. If we surround ourselves with negative people that tell us what we can’t do then that is what we believe. If we surround ourselves with  people that cheer us on one step at a time no matter how long it takes to reach the top of the mountain now those people are our true friends. Every person is a work in progress for the rest of our lives. This not a bad thing, it is just life. We are constantly changing, and growing, AND learning. Life is full of twists and turns so it is up to us to navigate the road and make the best choices we can.

My close hiking buddies are also past clients and now friends. My 67 years young friend climbed a 15 mile trail with me and kicked some major butt. I I was so proud of her and she is newly retired so she can do anything she wants to do. Our other partner in crime was diagnosed with breast cancer when we were working together. To say that this lady is a badass is an understatement. While going through treatment she continued to stay active with her passion of pickleball, fuel her body with the best foods for healing, and continue to bless everything around her with smile and wonderful laugh. She is a true inspiration to everyone around her. I love being a health coach, nutritionist , and personal trainer so I can help others live their best life. As a wise man said ” Don’t worry what you can’t do, but focus on what you CAN do” . We often spend too much time worrying about where we fall short instead of enjoying where we are in our lives . Every day we should continue to work to improve our health so we can tackle any adventure life throws at us. Keep living your best life and let me know if you want some help along the way.