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The dangers of low caloric diets

I am seeing a trend with my female clients for very low calorie diets. They are not trying to consume a low number of calories on purpose, but that is what is happening. The only tools most people have when it comes to losing weight are to exercise more and eat less. At certain times in your life that works, but for the majority of women over the age of 35 that does not work and can even cause damage. The first problem is a lowered resting metabolic rate which means you are burning less calories at rest. The next problem is that your body steals energy from somewhere in your body because it needs a certain amount to make this machine of a body run. Where does it get it from ? It varies from person to person but in my experience I am finding that it tends to use up muscle tissue. I have noticed that these ladies consuming a low calorie diet are also having a larger number of injuries from hair line fractures (the famous boot) as well as muscle strains and sprains. It may partly due to the fact that the cognitive function is impaired (fuzzy brain) and the number of trips, falls, and ditsy moves are increasing. I also believe it is due to a diet lacking in valuable vitamins and nutrients so the muscles, bones, and other body tissues are less strong. When I am improve my client’s diets they have more energy, improved sleep quality, better recovery, and improved body composition. All of these benefits are from the change in caloric intake and food choices. Is it rocket science ? No, but it is consistent changes that make a HUGE difference in how my clients feel and perform every day. We have been brainwashed for years that fat is bad, carbs are bad, grilled meat is bad, eggs are bad, butter is bad, blah, blah, blah !!! I don’t blame the medical profession for these guidelines, but it is time for change. We have to look at what we DO know is true and then start looking at how each of our individual bodies respond. We know that we need a combination of protein, fats, and carbs, but the exact amounts will vary based on several factors. We know that whole foods are better than processed foods. We know that exercise is beneficial and some form can be done by everyone. We need to stop overanalyzing everything and do what we know on a CONSISTENT basis while tracking our process.


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